Frequently Asked Questions


ICS Courier delivers to all Canadian postal codes.

Yes, we pick up and deliver to residential addresses.*

Yes. To find a location near you, please visit our Location Finder.

For more information, please review our list of prohibited items.

ICS Courier handles all packages with care and caution; however, proper packaging is important to ensure your package travels safely while on route. Click here for some tips on how to package your shipment.

Yes, we will accept packages up to a maximum of 30kg in physical weight per individual package. Should you send a package greater than 30kg, a surcharge will be applied. Click here for a complete list of ICS' additional charges.

Our drivers do not have access to PO boxes. A physical address is required for us to deliver.

International shipping is available. Please contact Customer Service to request access to shipping rates.

A physical address is required for us to deliver.


ICS Courier Next Day™ and ICS Courier Ground™ offers full tracking capabilities. Simply enter the tracking number from your label into our tracking tool for further updates.
You can track the status of your package by entering any of the following numbers into our tracking tool:
1. The tracking number provided to you by the shipper. This number begins with ND or GR and is followed by an 18 digit alphanumeric string.
2. The Return tracking number is on the label and starts with a ND and is followed by an 18 digit alphanumeric string.
3. The Collect Request tracking number is on the label and within the software and starts with ND and is followed by an 18 digit alphanumeric string.
4. The Reference Number entered by the shipper at the time of label creation as well as the destination postal code.

Transit times vary based on the speed of service selected and origin and destination. Please visit our Transit Time Calculator for more information.

Any shipments we are unable to deliver on the first attempt will be held for 5 business days.

Tools & Technology

Yes, group billing can be facilitated upon request. Please contact Billing for further assistance with setting this up.

Yes, you can receive your invoice electronically in PDF format. Simply forward your request to our Billing department via email and we will process your request with 24-48 hrs.

Yes, shipping equipment, including a scale, is provided to customers who meet the minimum daily volume requirements. Please contact your sales representative for further information.


Visit our Becoming a Customer page for more information on how to sign up.

No, a startup fee is not applicable to open an account with ICS Courier.

Yes. All of your mail will be re-directed to your new address for 30 days for a fee of $60.00. To activate this service, please complete the Alternate Delivery Address Request Form.

ICS Courier provides shipping supplies at no cost to you and quantities are provided based on usage. Click here to order your supplies.

Yes. In accordance with the Canada Post Corporations Act, each daily pickup by ICS Courier is subject to a minimum charge of 3x what Canada Post charges for a 50 gram envelope.

There are several ways to pay for your invoice. Click here for an overview of all payment methods.

Click here to complete our online claim form.

* Subject to additional charges

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