Prohibited Shipments

Notwithstanding any other provision of the General Terms and Conditions to the contrary, by using ICS Courier, the Shipper agrees and declares that the shipment does not contain any (including limited quantities) dangerous goods, Controlled Product or controlled or regulated substances, including those listed below, and agrees to indemnify ICS Courier against any loss, damage or penalties resulting from any violation of this policy:

  • Human remains in any form;
  • Live animals, birds and insects, or the remains thereof;
  • Live plants or cut flowers;
  • Fruits or vegetables;
  • Fish, seafood, meat and poultry (fresh or frozen);
  • Cash, coins, bonds, stocks or other negotiable securities;
  • Jewellery, gold or any other precious metals (other than costume jewellery);
  • Weapons (and parts thereof) and ammunition;
  • Any dangerous substances as defined by the TDGA or by the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the IATA, including.
    1. Biohazardous Infectious Material
    2. Carcinogen
    3. Dangerously Reactive Material
    4. Hazardous Waste
    5. Infectious Material
    6. Diagnostic substances;
    7. Radioactive materials; or
    8. Forbidden Dangerous Goods.
    9. Any item prohibited by law in the originating jurisdiction, the destination jurisdiction, or any other jurisdiction where the shipment may have to transport through.