About ICS Courier

Established in 1978, ICS Courier has become Canada's leading B2B and B2C provider. With state-of-the-art tracking capabilities and various delivery options to meet the growing needs of today's businesses, the benefits of using ICS Courier quickly add up.

Our just over 1,000 dedicated employees work to ensure you can ship with peace of mind.

The ICS Advantage

On Time and Intact

At ICS Courier we manually handle packages to minimize the incidence of damaged goods, we pack boxes in cages and move all packages by hand.

Fixed Routes Means Better Planning

ICS Courier pioneered the concept of the fixed route. Our driver arrives at your place of business, at the same time each day so you can plan your day more effectively.

Our Drivers Help Drive Your Business

At ICS Courier, drivers are one of the most valued assets and they will become one of yours as well. Our drivers know your business and the importance of on-time and courteous service. You will get to know our drivers and they will come to understand your special needs.

The Nimble Factor

Quick and responsive are two of our most valued traits. We can react and respond much more quickly than our larger, less agile competitors. As a result, our fast and effective communication allows us to provide flexible and scalable distribution solutions to you, the customer.

A TFI International Company

Environmental Impact

Our Environmental Impact

Efficiency is top of mind at ICS Courier which includes the impact we have on our environment. Utilizing route optimization software means a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, we continue to explore and invest in the latest alternative fuel vehicles, and all our shipping materials are 100% recyclable.

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