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For the Economy-Minded Shipper

ICS Courier Everyday Economics™ is our most economical, non-trackable, one day plus delivery product.  This is a distance-priced product, meaning the closer the destination the lower the cost.  ICS Courier Everyday Economics™ is one of the most inexpensive means by which documents and paper based product can be moved across the country - bar none.

Our ICS Courier Everyday Economics™ product is also an affordable way to impress your customers.  Your inexpensively priced shipments are hand delivered by a courier, thereby adding a sense of importance to your shipments.

In addition to unrivalled shipping costs, with ICS Courier Everyday Economics™ you also get:

  • Canada wide distribution
  • One to two day delivery service to most major city centres
  • Personalized service provided by knowledgeable drivers
  • Shipments can go to a wide variety of businesses within your industry

**ICS Courier reserves the right to audit any shipment at any time and charge the customer accordingly.