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Your Guide To Proper Packaging

At ICS Courier, we care about your shipments and we want to work with you to ensure that your material arrives damage-free to its destination.

We need your assistance in ensuring that the packages we pick up are ready for transport.

Helpful Hints on How to Package and Protect Your Shipments

We suggest the following tips when preparing your packages for shipping:

  • Use boxes or packages that are defect-free
  • Package items separately with shipping foam, bubble wrap or other  shipping material (2 inches between carton walls and goods inside)
  • Protect sharp and pointed objects with added shipping material
  • Separate glass containers with corrugated dividers or other shipping material
  • Ship boxes separately - do not bind together
  • Secure the lids on liquid filled containers (seal liquid filled containers in plastic bags or packs to prevent spillage) and ensure safety caps on plastic bottles are intact.
  • Label any shipment containing liquids or fragile items must include an orientation "up" arrow located on all sides of the package.  Also packages containing liquid must be labeled "SPILLABLE" and those containing glass or other breakable material must be labeled "FRAGILE".
  • Packages must be sealed and secured properly by using appropriate shipping material like packing tape and string/rope is not to be used on the exterior.
  • Each shipment must display a properly secured ICS Courier shipping label that has been correctly completed.
  • Ensure that you remove and/or cover all previous delivery address labels or marking on the box.  Improper labeling or leaving an old label on the box may result in your shipment being delayed or lost.

REMEMBER: The contents of any shipment must be held firmly in place by the interior shipping material, which must protect such contents from normal external forces such as the pressure exerted by standard handling and transportation conditions like the stacking of other shipments on top of your package.

Thank you for taking the time to keep your packages safe and damage-free!