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Frequently Asked Questions

1-  How do I open an account with ICS Courier?
2-  What cities does ICS Courier deliver to?
3-   Is there a start-up fee to join ICS Courier?
4-   Do you service Residential Addresses and if so, what are the fees?
5-   Can I pick up/ drop off my mail at a local ICS Courier branch?
6-   Is my material traceable?
7-   Who do I contact for service related issues?
8-   My business is moving - are there any fees for redirecting my mail due to address changes?
9-   What are your delivery time frames?
10- How do I order waybills?
11- Do I have to pay for shipping supplies?
12- Do I have to fill out my own paperwork?
13- What if I don't know the weight of my package?
14- What can or cannot go through the ICS system?
15- What safeguards can I employ to ensure my packages are not damaged  during delivery?
16- Is there a weight restriction on boxes?
17- Can I send materials to P.O. Boxes, Rural Routes or Apartments?
18- How does ICS handle undeliverable or non-industry material?
19- What is the turn around time for returned material?
20- Can I send my shipments outside of Canada?
21- Can we change our Billing Terms?
22- Is group billing available for companies with multiple offices?
23- Is there a minimum daily pick-up charge?
24- How can I pay my ICS Courier invoice?
25- Can I receive my invoice electronically?
26- Does ICS Courier provide envelopes or boxes?
27- Do you provide scales?