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ICS Courier…Working Towards a Sustainable Future

At ICS Courier, we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint. ICS Courier is doing its part to ensure that by living within the earth's limits and meeting the needs of the present, we can safeguard the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.New Van

Scanning and Clicking our Way to Green

Our handheld scanners and our ICS Courier Click 'n Ship™ online shipping system, are helping to convert thousands of pages of daily manifests into billions of environmentally friendly bytes.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Our fixed-route model consolidates pickups and deliveries. This means more efficient routing which leads to reduced carbon emissions. Helping further reduce emissions is the fact that 95% of our fleet is comprised of 2004 model year vehicles and newer. And in September of 2009, the more environmentally friendly Ford Transit became part of that fleet.