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Canada's Business-to-Business Courier

When Canadian businesses need a reliable, cost-effective and traceable way to ship its packages and documents across Canada, the call goes out to ICS COURIER.

Established in 1978, we have become the country's leading Business-to-Business courier. Over the years our customers have learned that they can put their trust in ICS Courier when shipping packages and documents that need to be delivered the next business day or economically in a day plus service time. And when you add state-of-the-art tracking capabilities to our full complement of delivery options, the benefits of using ICS Courier quickly add up.

ICS Courier - Just the Right Size

We are not the biggest, but we do pride ourselves in offering the best service in the industry. Thanks to the efforts of 1000 people working out of 35 branches across the country, more than 400 vehicles connect Canadian business daily while our sort centres handle 4 million pieces a month. The net result is over 30,000 satisfied customers.